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Data de publicaçãoTítuloAutor(es)
2012Activation of TRPV1 by capsaicin induces functional Kinin B1 receptor in rat spinal cord microgliaTalbot, S.; Dias, J.P.; LAHJOUJI, K., et al
2016Brazilian Response to Global End TB Strategy : The National Tuberculosis Research AgendaKRITSKI, AFRANIO; BARREIRA, DRAURIO; JUNQUEIRA-KIPNIS, ANA PAULA, et al
2011Cannabinoid Agonists Inhibit Neuropathic Pain Induced by Brachial Plexus Avulsion in Mice by Affecting Glial Cells and MAP KinasesPASZCUK, A.F; DUTRA, R.C.; da Silva, K.A.B.S., et al
2012Citotoxic activity evaluation of essential oils and nanoemulsions of Drimys angustifolia and D. brasiliensis on human glioblastoma (U-138 MG) and human bladder carcinoma (T24) cell lines in vitroMadson Ralide Fonseca Gomes; Marina P. Gehring; Fernanda Bueno Morrone, et al
2014Determination of Sn+2 in Lyophilized Radiopharmaceuticals by Voltammetry, Using Hydrochloric Acid as ElectrolyteDADDA, A.S; TEIXEIRA, A.C.; FELTES, P.K., et al
2015GRPR/PI3Kgamma: partners in central transmission of itchPereira, Paula Juliana Seadi; Machado, G.D.B.; DANESI, G.M., et al
2011Kinin B1 receptors mediate depression-like behavior response in stressed mice treated with systemic E. coli lipopolysaccharideViana, A. F.; Maciel, I.S.; DORNELLES, F.N., et al
2017Mechanisms underlying the antiproliferative effects of a series of quinoxaline-derived chalconesMielcke, T.R.; Muradás, T.C.; FILIPPI-CHIELA, E.C., et al
2014Pharmacological Inhibition of CXCR2 Chemokine Receptors Modulates Paraquat-Induced Intoxication in RatsCosta, K. M.; Maciel, I. S.; KIST, L.W., et al
2018Pre-clinical evaluation of quinoxaline-derived chalcones in tuberculosisMURADÁS, THAÍS C.; ABBADI, BRUNO L.; VILLELA, ANNE D., et al
2013Seizures induced by pentylenetetrazole in the adult zebrafish: a detailed behavioral characterizationMUSSULINI, B.M.; Leite, C.E.; ZENKI, K.C, et al
2017Synthesis, Inhibition of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Enoyl-acyl Carrier Protein Reductase and Antimycobacterial Activity of Novel Pentacyanoferrate(II)-isonicotinoylhydrazonesGAZZI, THAIS; ROTTA, MARIANE; VILLELA, ANNE, et al
2015Voltammetric detection and quantification of pentacyano(isoniazid)ferrate(II), a metal-based drug candidate for the treatment of tuberculosisDADDA, A.S; RODRIGUES-JUNIOR, VALNÊS S.; ROTTA, M., et al