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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A Controlled Experiment with Usability Inspection Techniques Applied to Use Case Specifications: Comparing the MIT 1 and the UCE TechniquesNatasha Valentim; Jacilene Rabelo; Ana Caroline Oran, et al
2014A Framework to Resolve Requirements Engineering Issues in Software Development OutsourcingJaved Iqbal; Rodina Ahmed; Sabrina dos Santos Marczak
2018A Gamification Proposal to Support the Onboarding of Newcomers in the FLOSSCoach PortalCarolina Lemos Toscani; Daniel Gary de Oliveira; Igor Steinmacher, et al
2017A Preliminary Evaluation of a Gamification Framework to Jump Start Collaboration Behavior ChangeFlávio Steffens; Sabrina dos Santos Marczak; FILHO, FERNANDO FIGUEIRA, et al
2012A Systematic Tertiary Study of Communication in Distributed Software Development ProjectsAline dos Santos; Ivaldir de Farias; Hermano de Moura, et al
2016Agile Team Members Perceptions on Non-Functional Testing: nfluencing Factors from an Empirical Studycristina camacho; Sabrina dos Santos Marczak; Daniela Cruzes
2012Attitude and usage of collaboration tools in GSE: A practitioner oriented theoryWANG, YI; TRAINER, ERIK; AL-ANI, BAN, et al
2016Communication Challenges and Strategies in Distributed DevOpsElisa Diel; Sabrina dos Santos Marczak; Daniela Cruzes
2016Communication in Distributed Software Development: A Preliminary Maturity ModelIvaldir de Farias; Sabrina dos Santos Marczak; Rodrigo Santos, et al
2012Distributed Developers and the Non-Use of Web 2.0 Technologies: A Proclivity ModelBan Al-Ani; Oliver Yi Wang; Sabrina dos Santos Marczak, et al
2013Elicitação de Requisitos a partir de Modelos de Processos de Negócio e Modelos Organizacionais: Uma pesquisa para definição de técnicas baseadas em heurísticasmarcos oliveira; Sérgio Vieira; Davi Viana, et al
2014Engineering of Quality Requirements as Perceived by Near-Shore Development Centers' Architects in Eastern Europe: the Hole in the WholeMaya Daneva; Sabrina dos Santos Marczak; Andrea Herrmann
2018Entendendo o Uso de Design Thinking no Apoio ao Desenvolvimento de Software à luz das Areas de IHC e Sistemas ColaborativosLauriane Pereira; Sabrina dos Santos Marczak; Tayana Conte
2015Evaluating Collaborative Practices in 
 Acquiring Programming Skills: Findings of a Controlled ExperimentBernardo Estácio; Roberto Oliveira; Sabrina dos Santos Marczak, et al
2013Evaluating the REMO-EKD Technique: A Technique for the Elicitation of Softwaremarcos oliveira; Sérgio Vieira; Davi Viana, et al
2013Expanding Empirical Studies to Better Understand Requirements-driven CollaborationSabrina dos Santos Marczak; Irum Inayat; Siti Salwa Salim
2018Fair Play: A Guidelines Proposal for the Development of Accessible Audiogames for Visually Impaired UsersOlimar Borges; Juliana Damasio; Marcia Campos, et al
2017Gamificando o Portal para Novatos em Software Livre FLOSSCoach: Insigths de uma Avaliação PreliminarCarolina Lemos Toscani; Igor Steinmacher; Sabrina dos Santos Marczak
2011How Interaction between Roles Shapes the Communication Structure in Requirements-Driven CollaborationSabrina dos Santos Marczak; Daniela Damian