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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Biochemical characterization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis IMP dehydrogenase: kinetic mechanism, metal activation and evidence of a cooperative systemROSTIROLLA, DIANA CAROLINA; DE ASSUNÇÃO, THIAGO MILECH; BIZARRO, CRISTIANO VALIM, et al
2013Biochemical Characterization of Uracil Phosphoribosyltransferase from Mycobacterium tuberculosisVillela, Anne Drumond; Ducati, Rodrigo Gay; Rosado, Leonardo Astolfi, et al
2017Construction of Mycobacterium tuberculosis cdd knockout and evaluation of invasion and growth in macrophagesVillela, Anne Drumond; RODRIGUES-JUNIOR, VALNÊS S; PINTO, ANTÔNIO FREDERICO MICHEL, et al
2017Functional, thermodynamics, structural and biological studies of in silico-identified inhibitors of Mycobacterium tuberculosis enoyl-ACP(CoA) reductase enzymeMARTINELLI, LEONARDO K. B.; ROTTA, MARIANE; VILLELA, ANNE D., et al
2018Is IQG-607 a Potential Metallodrug or Metallopro-Drug With a Defined Molecular Target in Mycobacterium tuberculosis?ABBADI, BRUNO L.; RODRIGUES-JUNIOR, VALNÊS DA SILVA; DADDA, ADILIO DA SILVA, et al
2015Mode of Action of Recombinant Hypoxanthine-Guanine Phosphoribosyltransferase from Mycobacterium tuberculosisPATTA, PAULO CESAR; MARTINELLI, LEONARDO KRAS BORGES; ROTTA, MARIANE, et al
2016Mycobacterium tuberculosis histidinol dehydrogenase: biochemical characterization and inhibition studiesLUNARDI, JULEANE; BORGES MARTINELLI, LEONARDO KRAS; RAUPP, ALESSANDRA SILVA, et al
2017Observed crowding effects on Mycobacterium tuberculosis 2-trans-enoyl-ACP (CoA) reductase enzyme activity are not due to excluded volume onlyROTTA, MARIANE; TIMMERS, LUIS F. S. M.; SEQUEIROS-BORJA, CARLOS, et al
2012Role of Serine140 in the mode of action of Mycobacterium tuberculosis β-ketoacyl-ACP Reductase (MabA)ROSADO, LEONARDO A; CACERES, RAFAEL; DE AZEVEDO, WALTER, et al
2015Synthesis and Evaluation of Thiazolyl-1H-benzo[d]imidazole Inhibitors of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Inosine Monophosphate DehydrogenaseKENIA PISSINATE; DIANA CAROLINA ROSTIROLLA; LAURA MIRANDA PINHEIRO, et al
2012Wild-Type Phosphoribosylpyrophosphate Synthase (PRS) from Mycobacterium tuberculosis: A Bacterial Class II PRS?Ardala Breda; Leonardo Kras Borges Martinelli; Cristiano Valim Bizarro, et al