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Data de publicaçãoTítuloAutor(es)
2014A Framework to Resolve Requirements Engineering Issues in Software Development OutsourcingJaved Iqbal; Rodina Ahmed; Sabrina dos Santos Marczak
2012A Systematic Tertiary Study of Communication in Distributed Software Development ProjectsAline dos Santos; Ivaldir de Farias; Hermano de Moura, et al
2012Attitude and usage of collaboration tools in GSE: A practitioner oriented theoryWANG, YI; TRAINER, ERIK; AL-ANI, BAN, et al
2016Communication Challenges and Strategies in Distributed DevOpsElisa Diel; Sabrina dos Santos Marczak; Daniela Cruzes
2016Communication in Distributed Software Development: A Preliminary Maturity ModelIvaldir de Farias; Sabrina dos Santos Marczak; Rodrigo Santos, et al
2012Distributed Developers and the Non-Use of Web 2.0 Technologies: A Proclivity ModelBan Al-Ani; Oliver Yi Wang; Sabrina dos Santos Marczak, et al
2014Knowledge Creation and Loss within a Software Organization: An Exploratory Case StudyDavi Viana; Tayana Conte; Sabrina dos Santos Marczak, et al
2013On the Development of a Theoretical Model of the Impact of Trust in the Performance of Distributed Software ProjectsSabrina dos Santos Marczak; Vanessa Gomes
2013On the Identification of Best Practices for Improving the Efficiency of Testing Activities in Distributed Software Projectscristina camacho; Sabrina dos Santos Marczak; Tayana Conte
2012Problems? We All Know We Have Them. Do We Have Solutions Too?Vanessa Gomes; Sabrina dos Santos Marczak