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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Extending FreeRTOS to support dynamic and distributed mapping in multiprocessor systemsABICH, G.; MANDELLI, M. G.; ROSA, F. R.; Fernando Gehm Moraes; OST, L.; REIS, R.
2016Mapping of real-time applications on a packet switching NoC-based MPSoCGuilherme Madalozzo; INDRUSIAK, LEANDRO S.; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2015Differentiation of MPSoCs message classes using multiple NoCsSILVA, DOUGLAS R. G.; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2015A context saving fault tolerant approach for a shared memory many-core architectureEduardo Wachter; Nicolas Ventroux; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2015A Distributed Energy-aware Task Mapping to Achieve Thermal Balancing and Improve Reliability of Many-core SystemsMarcelo Mandelli; Guilherme Castilhos; Gilles Sassatelli; Luciano Ost; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2015BAT-Hermes: A transition-signaling bundled-data NoC routerMatheus Gibiluka; MOREIRA, MATHEUS TREVISAN; Fernando Gehm Moraes; CALAZANS, NEY LAERT VILAR
2015A platform-based design framework to boost many-core software developmentGuilherme Madalozzo; Marcelo Mandelli; Luciano Ost; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2016Scalability evaluation in many-core systems due to the memory organizationGuilherme Madalozzo; Liana Duenha; Rodolfo de Jardim Azevedo; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2015A digitally controlled oscillator for fine-grained local clock generators in MPSoCsHECK, GUILHERME; HECK, LEANDRO S.; MOREIRA, MATHEUS T.; Fernando Gehm Moraes; CALAZANS, NEY L. V.
2011Achieving Composability in NoC-Based MPSoCs Through QoS Management at Software LevelEverton Alceu Carara; Gabriel Marchesan Almeida; Gilles Sassatelli; Fernando Gehm Moraes