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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Automatic Generation of Multi-Agent Programs from Ontology ModelsArtur Freitas; Rafael Bordini; Renata Vieira
2018Matching domain and top-level ontologies exploring word sense disambiguation and word embeddingDaniela Schmidt; Cassia Trojahn dos Santos; Renata Vieira
2018An initial investigation of the Charlson comorbidity index regression based on clinical notesHenrique Dias; Vinicius Woloszyn; Ana Helena Santos; Renata Vieira
2017A Dynamic Preference Logic for reasoning about Agent ProgrammingMarlo Souza; Álvaro Freitas Moreira; Renata Vieira
2018Tractable Reasoning about Agent Programming in Dynamic Preference LogicMarlo Souza; Álvaro Freitas Moreira; Renata Vieira
2018Exploiting BabelNet for generating subsumptionMouna Kamel; Cassia Trojahn dos Santos; Daniela Schmidt; Renata Vieira
2017Matching Domain and Top-level Ontologies via OntoWordNetDaniela Schmidt; Cassia Trojahn dos Santos; Renata Vieira
2016Validating Top-level and Domain Ontology Alignments using WordNetDaniela Schmidt; Cassia Trojahn dos Santos; Renata Vieira; Mouna Kamel
2016Improving Coreference Resolution with Semantic KnowledgeEvandro Brasil Fonseca; Aline Vanim; Renata Vieira
2016Language resources for information extraction and semantic computing - NLP at PUCRSRenata Vieira; Daniela Amaral; ABREU, SANDRA COLLOVINI; Evandro Brasil Fonseca; Artur Freitas; Roger Granada; Lucas Hilgert; Lopes, Lucelene; Daniela Schmidt; Bernardo Severo; Marlo Souza; Larissa Astrogildo de Freitas; Cassia Trojahn dos Santos