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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Architectural Support for Task Migration Concerning MPSoCAlexandra Aguiar; Sérgio Johann Filho; Tatiana Gadelha Serra dos Santos, et al
2011Embedded Virtualization for the Next Generation of Cluster-based MPSoCsAlexandra Aguiar; Felipe Magalhães; Fabiano Passuelo Hessel
2012Exploring embedded software concepts using the Hellfire platform with undergraduate studentsAlexandra Aguiar; Fabiano Passuelo Hessel
2008High-Level Estimation of Execution Time and Energy Consumption for Fast Homogeneous MPSoCs PrototypingFILHO, SERGIO JOHANN; Alexandra Aguiar; César Augusto Missio Marcon, et al
2012Noc-based platform for embedded software design: An extension of the Hellfire FrameworkFelipe Magalhães; Oliver Longhi; Sergio Johann Filho, et al
2012Partitioning and dynamic mapping evaluation for energy consumption minimization on NoC-based MPSoCANTUNES, EDUARDO; Matheus Pinto Soares; Alexandra Aguiar, et al
2011Partitioning and mapping on NoC-Based MPSoCANTUNES, EDUARDO; Alexandra Aguiar; JOHANN, F. SERGIO, et al
2011Partitioning and Mapping on NoC-Based MPSoC: An Energy Consumption Saving Approach.Eduardo B Antunes; Alexandra Aguiar; Sergio Johann Filho, et al
2012Task Model Suitable for Dynamic Load Balancing of Real-Time Applications in NoC-based MPSoCsSergio Johann Filho; Alexandra Aguiar; Felipe Magalhães, et al
2011Virtual Hellfire Hypervisor: Extending Hellfire Framework for Embedded Virtualization SupportAlexandra Aguiar; Fabiano Passuelo Hessel