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Fecha de PublicaciónTítuloAutor(s)
2016A data extraction and debugging framework for large-scale MPSoCsMarcelo Ruaro; Henrique Chamorra; Felipe Rubin, etc.
2018A Design Patterns-Based Middleware for Multiprocessor Systems-on-ChipJean Carlo Hamerski; Geancarlo Abich; Ricardo Augusto da Luz Reis, etc.
2016A layered approach for fault tolerant NoC-based MPSoCs ? Special session: Dependable MPSoCsEduardo Wächter; Francisco Barreto; vinicius fochi, etc.
2019A Survey on Unmanned Surface Vehicles for Disaster Robotics: Main Challenges and DirectionsJORGE, VITOR; GRANADA, ROGER; MAIDANA, RENAN, etc.
2018An LSSD Compliant Scan Cell for Flip-FlopsJURACY, LEONARDO; Matheus Trevisan Moreira; KUENTZER, FELIPE A., etc.
2020Braille character detection using deep neural networks for an educational robot for visually impaired peopleDiego Luís Nogueira Gonçalves; Gabriel G. Santos; Márcia Borba Campos, etc.
2018Broker Fault Recovery for a Multiprocessor System-on-Chip MiddlewareAnderson Domingues; Jean Carlo Hamerski; Alexandre de Morais Amory
2017Deep Neural Networks for Handwritten Chinese Character RecognitionRenan Guedes Maidana; juarez monteiro dos santos junior; Roger Leitzke Granada, etc.
2013Determining the test sources/sinks for NoC TAMsAlexandre de Morais Amory; MORENO, EDSON; MORAES, FERNANDO, etc.
2011Early Estimation of Wire Length for Dedicated Test Access Mechanisms in Networks-on-Chip based SoCsAlexandre de Morais Amory; Cristiano Lazzari; Marcelo Soares Lubaszewski, etc.
2020Energy-Aware Path Planning for Autonomous Mobile Robot NavigationRenan Maidana; Roger Granada; Darlan Jurak, etc.
2018Evaluating Serialization for a Publish-Subscribe Based Middleware for MPSoCsJean Carlo Hamerski; Anderson Domingues; MORAES, FERNANDO, etc.
2016Fault Classification of the Error Detection Logic in the Blade Resilient TemplatesKUENTZER, FELIPE A.; Alexandre de Morais Amory
2019GoDonnie: A robot programming language for teaching people who are visually impairedJuliana Damasio Oliveira; Marcia Borba de Campos; Alexandre de Morais Amory, etc.
2019GoDonnie: A Robot Programming Language to Improve Orientation and Mobility Skills in People Who are Visually ImpairedJuliana Damasio Oliveira; Marcia Borba de Campos; Alexandre de Morais Amory, etc.
2011Multi-Task Dynamic Mapping onto NoC-based MPSoCsMarcelo Mandelli; Luciano Ost; Alexandre de Morais Amory, etc.
2017Odometria visual monocular para localização de robô terrestreRenan Guedes Maidana; Aurélio Tergolina Salton; Alexandre de Morais Amory
2018On the Reuse of Timing Resilient Architecture for Testing Path Delay Faults in Critical PathsKUENTZER, FELIPE A.; Leonardo Rezende Juracy; Alexandre de Morais Amory
2014Optimization and Analysis of Seriation Algorithm for Ordering Protein NetworksKUENTZER, FELIPE A.; PEREIRA, ALEXANDRE S.; Alexandre de Morais Amory, etc.
2018Overseer: A Multi Robot Monitoring InfrastructureFelipe Roman; Renan Guedes Maidana; Alexandre de Morais Amory