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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20133-to-1: unraveling structural transitions in ureasesLIGABUE-BRAUN, RODRIGO; ANDREIS, FÁBIO CARRER; VERLI, HUGO, et al
2020A new diagnostic strategy which uses a luminol-H2O2 system to detect Schistosoma mansoni eggs in fecal sediments processed by the Helmintex methodVivian Favero; Carolina De Marco Verissimo; PIOVESAN, ANGELA R., et al
2017A New Role for Helicobacter pylori Urease: Contributions to AngiogenesisOLIVERA-SEVERO, DEIBER; UBERTI, AUGUSTO F.; MARQUES, MIGUEL S., et al
2014Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases: An environmental proteomic point of viewDemartini, Diogo Ribeiro; SCHILLING, LUCAS PORCELLO; DA COSTA, JADERSON COSTA, et al
2013An overview of proteomics approaches applied to biopharmaceuticals and cyclotides researchDiogo Ribeiro Demartini; Giancarlo Pasquali; Celia Regina Ribeiro da Silva Carlini
2017Analysis of Herbivore Stress- and Phytohormone-Mediated Urease Expression in Soybean (Glycine max)MENEGASSI, ANGELA; DA SILVA E SILVA, ROBERTA; Celia Regina Ribeiro da Silva Carlini, et al
2014Canavalia ensiformis urease, Jaburetox and derived peptides form ion channels in planar lipid bilayersAngela Regina Piovesan; Anne Helene Souza Martinelli; Rodrigo Ligabue Braun, et al
2016Central and peripheral neurotoxicity induced by the Jack Bean Urease (JBU) in Nauphoeta cinerea cockroachesCARRAZONI, THIAGO; DE AVILA HEBERLE, MARINES; PERIN, ANA PAULA ARTUSI, et al
2021Chemical and functional analyses of Rhinella icterica (Spix, 1824) toad secretion screened on contractions of the heart and oviduct in Locusta migratoriaSOARES OLIVEIRA, RAQUEL; TRINDADE BORGES, BRUNA; LEAL, ALLAN P., et al
2017Coprophagous features in carnivorous Nepenthes plants: a task for ureasesYILAMUJIANG, AYUFU; ZHU, ANTING; LIGABUE-BRAUN, RODRIGO, et al
2015Cryptococcus gattii</i> urease as a virulence factor and the relevance of enzymatic activity in cryptococcosis pathogenesisFEDER, VANESSA; KMETZSCH, LÍVIA; STAATS, CHARLEY CHRISTIAN, et al
2018DmCatD, a cathepsin D-like peptidase of the hematophagous insect Dipetalogaster maxima (Hemiptera: Reduviidae): Purification, bioinformatic analyses and the significance of its interaction with lipophorin in the internalization by developing oocytesLEYRIA, JIMENA; FRUTTERO, LEONARDO L.; LIGABUE-BRAUN, RODRIGO, et al
2014Effect of the urease-derived peptide Jaburetox on the central nervous system of Triatoma infestans (Insecta: Heteroptera)GALVANI, GERÓNIMO L.; FRUTTERO, LEONARDO L.; CORONEL, MARÍA F., et al
2013Expression Analysis and Molecular Characterization of Aquaporins in Rhodnius prolixusStaniscuaski, Fernanda; Jean-Paul Paluzzi; Real-Guerra, Rafael, et al
2022Helicobacter pylori Urease: Potential Contributions to Alzheimer?s DiseaseUBERTI, AUGUSTO F.; CALLAI-SILVA, NATALIA; GRAHL, MATHEUS V. C., et al
2019Helicobacter pylori</i> urease induces pro-inflammatory effects and differentiation of human endothelial cells: Cellular and molecular mechanismMariele de Jesus Souza; João A. Moraes; Vany Nascimento da Silva, et al
2016Humoral and cellular immune responses induced by the urease-derived peptide Jaburetox in the model organism Rhodnius prolixusFRUTTERO, LEONARDO L.; MOYETTA, NATALIA R.; UBERTI, AUGUSTO F., et al
2016Interaction of jack bean (Canavalia ensiformis) urease and a derived peptide with lipid vesiclesYasmine Miguel Serafini Micheletto; Carlo Frederico Moro; Fernanda Cortez Lopes, et al
2017Jaburetox affects gene expression and enzyme activities in Rhodnius prolixus, a Chagas? disease vectorFRUTTERO, LEONARDO L.; MOYETTA, NATALIA R.; KRUG, MONIQUE SIEBRA, et al
2019Jaburetox, a natural insecticide derived from Jack Bean Urease, activates voltage-gated sodium channels to modulate insect behaviorDOS SANTOS, DOUGLAS SILVA; ZANATTA, ANA PAULA; MARTINELLI, ANNE HELENE S., et al