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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Acute Exposure to Microcystin-Producing Cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa Alters Adult Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Swimming Performance ParametersKist, Luiza Wilges; Piato, Angelo Luis; da Rosa, João Gabriel Santos, et al
2012Analysis of the NTPDase and ecto-5'-nucleotidase profiles in serum-limited Trichomonas vaginalisAmanda Piccoli Frasson; Mariele Feiffer Charão; D B Rosemberg, et al
2015Biodegradation of [D-Leu1] microcystin-LR by a bacterium isolated from sediment of Patos Lagoon estuary, BrazilLEMES, GILMAR AF; KIST, LUIZA W; Mauricio Reis Bogo, et al
2014Effect of Ethylmalonic Acids on Acetylcholinesterase Activity and Expression in Young RatsElen Gomes Pereira; Tamires Pavei Macan; Wanessa de Fáveri, et al
2017Extracellular superoxide dismutase is necessary to maintain renal blood flow during sepsis developmentCONSTANTINO, LARISSA; GALANT, LETÍCIA SELINGER; VUOLO, FRANCIELI, et al
2014Impairment of Electron Transfer Chain Induced by Acute Carnosine Administration in Skeletal Muscle of Young RatsMACARINI, JOSÉ ROBERTO; MARAVAI, SOLIANY GRASSI; CARARO, JOSÉ HENRIQUE, et al
2015Iron from haemoglobin and haemin modulates nucleotide hydrolysis in Trichomonas vaginalisVIEIRA, PATRÍCIA DE BRUM; SILVA, NÍCOLAS LUIZ FEIJÓ; Kist, Luiza Wilges, et al
2012Microcystin-LR acute exposure does not alter in vitro and in vivo ATP, ADP and AMP hydrolysis in adult zebrafish (Danio rerio) brain membranesLuiza Wilges Kist; FRITSCH, RACHEL SEEMANN; Yunes, João Sarkis, et al
2016Prevention of unpredictable chronic stress-related phenomena in zebrafish exposed to bromazepam, fluoxetine and nortriptylineMARCON, MATHEUS; HERRMANN, ANA P.; MOCELIN, RICIERI, et al
2014Regulation of lung oxidative damage by endogenous superoxide dismutase in sepsisCONSTANTINO, LARISSA; GONÇALVES, RENATA; GIOMBELLI, VINÍCIUS, et al