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Data de publicaçãoTítuloAutor(es)
2015Brazilian adaptation of the Hotel Task: a tool for the ecological assessment of executive functionsCaroline de Oliveira Cardoso; Nicolle ZIMMERMAN; Camila Borges Paraná, et al
2015Brazilian preliminary norms and investigation of age and education effects on the Modified Wisconsin Card Sorting Test, Stroop Color and Word Test, and Digit Span Test in adultsNicolle ZIMMERMAN; Caroline Cardoso; Clarissa M. Trentini, et al
2018Influence of Age and Educational in the Processing of Clustering and Switching in Verbal Fluency TasksAndressa Hermes Pereira; Ana Paula Bresolin Gonçalves; Maila Holz, et al
2016Longitudinal Assessment of Deep Gray Matter Volume, Cortical Thickness and White Matter Integrity in HIV-Positive PatientsDiogo Goulart Corrêa; Nicolle ZIMMERMAN; TUKAMOTO, GUSTAVO, et al
2017Longitudinal evaluation of resting-state connectivity, white matter integrity and cortical thickness in stable HIV infection: Preliminary resultsDiogo DeSouza; Nicolle ZIMMERMAN; TUKAMOTO, GUSTAVO, et al
2015Procedimento complementar de análise do discurso conversacional por frequência de comportamentos comunicativos desviantesNatalie Pereira; lilian cristine hubner; Fabiola S. Casarin, et al
2020Self-awareness and underestimation of cognitive abilities in patients with adult temporal lobe epilepsy after surgical treatmentNicolle ZIMMERMAN; Monique Pontes; R Barqueta, et al
2018White Matter Integrity in Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Memory DeficitsDiogo Goulart Corrêa; Nicolle ZIMMERMAN; Thomas Döring, et al