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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A novel scale for suspicion of psychogenic nonepileptic seizures: development and accuracyBARONI, GISLAINE; MARTINS, WILLIAM ALVES; RODRIGUES, JAQUELINE C., et al
2013Bilateral perisylvian ulegyria: An under-recognized, surgically remediable epileptic syndromeSCHILLING, LUCAS P.; KIELING, RENATA R.; PASCOAL, THARICK A., et al
2013Bilateral Rasmussen's encephalitis associated with type II focal cortical dysplasia: Dormant -second? epileptogenic zone in contralateral diseaseFRIGERI, THOMAS; HEMB, MARTA; PAGLIOLI, ELISEU, et al
2015Callosotopy: leg motor connections illustrated by fiber dissectionNAETS, WIM; VAN LOON, JOHANNES; PAGLIOLI, ELISEU, et al
2014Cerebral cavernous malformations in the setting of focal epilepsies: pathological findings, clinical characteristics, and surgical treatment principlesJEHI, LARA E.; André Luis Fernandes Palmini; ARYAL, USHA, et al
2021Control of Drop Attacks with Selective Posterior Callosotomy: Anatomical and Prognostic DataFRIGERI, THOMAS; PAGLIOLI, ELISEU; SODER, RICARDO BERNARDI, et al
2013Developmental tumors and adjacent cortical dysplasia: Single or dual pathology?André Luis Fernandes Palmini; PAGLIOLI, ELISEU; SILVA, VINICIUS DUVAL
2020Drebrin expression patterns in patients with refractory temporal lobe epilepsy and hippocampal sclerosisDOMBROSKI, THAÍS CAROLINE DALLABONA; PEIXOTO'SANTOS, JOSE EDUARDO; MACIEL, KARINA, et al
2015Dysplastic Cerebellar Epilepsy: Complete Seizure Control Following Resection of a GangliogliomaMARTINS, WILLIAM ALVES; PAGLIOLI, ELISEU; HEMB, MARTA, et al
2016Epilepsia partialis continua triggered by traumatic hand injury: a peripheral tuning of brain excitability?André Luis Fernandes Palmini; PAGLIOLI, ELISEU; Vinicius Andrade, et al
2022Extended resection for seizure control of pure motor strip focal cortical dysplasia during awake craniotomy: illustrative caseSANDOVAL-BONILLA, BAYRON A.; André Luis Fernandes Palmini; PAGLIOLI, ELISEU, et al
2013Immediate improvement of motor function after epilepsy surgery in congenital hemiparesisPASCOAL, THARICK; PAGLIOLI, ELISEU; André Luis Fernandes Palmini, et al
2018Neuropsychiatric features of the coexistence of epilepsy and psychogenic nonepileptic seizuresBARONI, GISLAINE; MARTINS, WILLIAM ALVES; PICCININI, VITORIA, et al
2013Temporal patterns and mechanisms of epilepsy surgery failureNAJM, IMAD; JEHI, LARA; André Luis Fernandes Palmini, et al
2022The consensus classification of focal cortical dysplasia: An update proposed by an ad hoc task force of the diagnostic methods commissionNAJM, IMAD; LAL, DENNIS; ALONSO VANEGAS, MARIO, et al
2016Variables associated with co-existing epileptic and psychogenic nonepileptic seizures: a systematic reviewBARONI, GISLAINE; PICCININI, VITORIA; MARTINS, WILLIAM ALVES, et al
2018What is in a name? A closer look at callosotomiesAndré Luis Fernandes Palmini; PAGLIOLI, ELISEU