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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A Novel Model to Computational Offloading on Autonomic Managers: a Mobile Test BedGuilherme Antonio Borges; Romulo Reis de Oliveira; Tiago Coelho Ferreto, et al
2017A transparent code offloading technique for Android devicesRômulo de Oliveira Reis; Mateus Machry; Nicolas Shirmer, et al
2019An approach for children's emergent literacy adaptive activitiesJaline Mombach; Paulo Silas Severo de Souza; Fabrizzio Soares Alves de Melo Nunes Soares, et al
2018An Unikernels Provisioning Architecture for OpenStackLuis Augusto Dias Knob; Bruno Gomes Xavier; Tiago Coelho Ferreto
2013Avaliação do suporte à simulação de redes OpenFlow no NS-3Marcelo Conterato; Israel de Oliveira; Tiago Coelho Ferreto, et al
2017AZOS - Uma ferramenta para migração em multi-cloudsRaul Leiria; Vinícius Gubiani; Fabrício Cordella, et al
2021Characterizing network performance of single-node large-scale container deploymentsBOEIRA, CONRADO; Miguel Neves; Tiago Coelho Ferreto, et al
2021Community-based placement of registries to speed up application deployment on Edge ComputingLuis Augusto Dias Knob; Francescomaria Faticanti; Tiago Coelho Ferreto, et al
2019DDoS on Sketch: Spoofed DDoS attack defense with programmable data plans using sketches in SDNKairo Tavares; Tiago Coelho Ferreto
2020Detecting abnormal sensors via machine learning: An IoT farming WSN-based architecture case studyDE SOUZA, PAULO SILAS SEVERO; RUBIN, FELIPE PFEIFER; HOHEMBERGER, RUMENIGUE, et al
2012EduCloud: A private cloud tool for academic environmentsCEMIM, PAOLO; JERSAK, LUIS CARLOS; LOPES, GIUSEPPE ALVES, et al
2018Evaluating container-based virtualization overhead on the general-purpose IoT platformWagner dos Santos Marques; Paulo Silas Severo de Souza; Fabio Rossi, et al
2020Evaluating Energy and Thermal Efficiency of Anomaly Detection Algorithms in Edge DevicesRUBIN, FELIPE; SOUZA, PAULO; MARQUES, WAGNER, et al
2019GAMED: Gamification-Based Assessment Methodology for Final Project DevelopmentPaulo Silas Severo de Souza; Jaline Mombach; ROSSI, FABIO D., et al
2019IAGREE: Infrastructure-agnostic Resilience Benchmark Tool for Cloud Native PlatformsPaulo Silas Severo de Souza; Wagner dos Santos Marques; Romulo Reis de Oliveira, et al
2016ICE - Uma ferramenta para emulação de InterClouds baseadas em OpenStackTiago Coelho Ferreto; Fabrício Cordella; Vinícius Gubiani, et al
2021Improving Container Deployment in Edge Computing Using the Infrastructure Aware Scheduling AlgorithmLuis Augusto Dias Knob; Carlos Kayser; Tiago Coelho Ferreto
2019Improving the Trade-Off between Performance and Energy Saving in Mobile Devices through a Transparent Code Offloading TechniqueRomulo Reis de Oliveira; Paulo Silas Severo de Souza; Wagner dos Santos Marques, et al
2020IRENE: Interference and High Availability Aware Microservice-based Applications Placement for Edge ComputingREIS, RÔMULO; Tiago Coelho Ferreto; VIEIRA, ÂNGELO, et al
2020ISABEL: Infrastructure-Agnostic Benchmark Framework for Cloud-Native PlatformsSOUZA, PAULO; VIEIRA, ÂNGELO; Tiago Coelho Ferreto, et al