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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A Systematic Review of the Testing Effect in LearningEISENKRAEMER, RAQUEL ELOISA; JAEGER, ANTONIO; Lilian Milnitsky Stein
2011Argumentative Text Comprehension and its Relation with Cognitive Abilities: The Impact of Age and Education LevelsRochele Paz Fonseca
2022Cannabidiol reverses memory impairments and activates components of the Akt/GSK3 pathway in an experimental model of estrogen depletionMárcio da Silveira Corrêa; Betânia Souza de Freitas; Gustavo Dalto Barroso Machado, et al
2019Executive functions and memory in bipolar disorder I and II: new insights from meta-analytic resultsCharles Cotrena; Laura Branco; André Ponsoni, et al
2016Human memory research: Current hypotheses and new perspectivesJAEGER, ANTONIO; Cesar Alexis Galera; Lilian Milnitsky Stein, et al
2020Iron Overload Impairs Autophagy: Effects of Rapamycin in Ameliorating Iron-Related Memory DeficitsVANISE HALLAS UBERTI; DE FREITAS, BETÂNIA SOUZA; Patricia Molz, et al
2021Memory changes in patients with hippocampal sclerosis submitted to surgery to treat mesial temporal lobe epilepsyLEAL-CONCEIÇÃO, E.; MUXFELDT BIANCHIN, M.; VENDRAMINI BORELLI, W., et al
2020Molecular Mechanisms in Hippocampus Involved on Object Recognition Memory Consolidation and ReconsolidationCristiane Regina Guerino Furini; NACHTIGALL, EDUARDA G.; BEHLING, JONNY A.K., et al
2017Normative data of the Brazilian elderly in Logical Memory subtest of WMS-RCamila Rosa de Oliveira; LIMA, MARGARIDA MARIA B. M. P.; Cristiane Silva Esteves, et al
2018Operationalized definition of older adults with high cognitive performancePaulo Caramelli; Wyllians Jose Vendramini Borelli; Jaderson Costa da Costa, et al
2019Social isolation and social support at adulthood affect epigenetic mechanisms, brain-derived neurotrophic factor levels and behavior of chronically stressed ratsJuliano Viana Borges; Betânia Souza de Freitas; Vinicius Antoniazzi, et al
2021The G protein-coupled estrogen receptor (GPER) regulates recognition and aversively-motivated memory in male ratsDE SOUZA, LARIZA OLIVEIRA; MACHADO, GUSTAVO DALTO BARROSO; DE FREITAS, BETÂNIA SOUZA, et al
2021Verbal Learning as a predictor of risks of accidents in elderly driversVASQUES, ADRIANA MACHADO; BORELLI, WYLLIANS VENDRAMINI; PINHO, MÁRCIO SARROGLIA, et al