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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015PET/CT imaging in lung cancer: indications and findingsBruno Hochhegger; Giordano Alves; Irion, K.; Natália Henz Concatto; Edson dos Santos Marchiori
2015A curious case of pill aspirationBruno Hochhegger; Irion, K.; Zanetti, Gláucia; Edson dos Santos Marchiori
2015Enhancing survival with early surgical resection of endobronchial metastasis in a follow-up of ovarian carcinomaMarcos Duarte Guimarães; Bruno Hochhegger; Edson dos Santos Marchiori
2015Cocaine-induced pulmonary changes: HRCT findingsRenata Rocha Almeida; Zanetti, Gláucia; A S Souza Jr; Luciana Soares Souza; Jorge Luiz Pereira-Silva; Dante L. Escuissato; Klaus L Irion; Alexandre Mançano; Luiz Felipe Nobre; Bruno Hochhegger; Edson dos Santos Marchiori
2015The Effects of Dynamic Hyperinflation on CT Emphysema Measurements in Patients with COPD.Giordano Alves; Klaus L Irion; Edson dos Santos Marchiori; Bruno Hochhegger
2015Mediastinal lymph nodes and pulmonary nodules in children: multi-detector computed tomography findings in a cohort of healthy subjectsGiordano Alves; Edson dos Santos Marchiori; Klaus L Irion; Bruno Hochhegger
2015Placental Transmogrification of the LungBruno Hochhegger; CAMARGO, SPENCER; CAMARGO, JOSÉ; Barreto, Miriam Menna; Zanetti, Gláucia; Edson dos Santos Marchiori
2015Can chest high-resolution computed tomography findings diagnose pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis?Flávia Angélica Ferreira Francisco; Rosana Souza Rodrigues; Mirian Menna Barreto; Dante L. Escuissato; César Augusto Araujo Neto; Jorge Luiz Pereira-Silva; Bruno Hochhegger; A S Souza Jr; Zanetti, Gláucia; Edson dos Santos Marchiori
2015Intracavitary nodule in active tuberculosis: Intracavitary nodule in active tuberculosis: differential diagnosis of aspergillomaEdson dos Santos Marchiori; Bruno Hochhegger; Zanetti, Gláucia
2015Respiratory Tract Amyloidosis. State-of-the-Art Review with a Focus on Pulmonary InvolvementDE ALMEIDA, RENATA ROCHA; Zanetti, Gláucia; Pereira e Silva, Jorge Luiz; NETO, CESAR AUGUSTO ARAUJO; GOMES, ANTÔNIO CARLOS PORTUGAL; DE SOUZA PORTES MEIRELLES, GUSTAVO; DA SILVA, THIAGO KRIEGER BENTO; Nobre, Luiz Felipe; Bruno Hochhegger; ESCUISSATO, DANTE LUIZ; Edson dos Santos Marchiori