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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A Performance comparison of Container-Based Virtualization Systems for MapReduce ClustersXAVIER, MIGUEL GOMES; NEVES, MARCELO VEIGA; Cesar Augusto Fonticielha De Rose
2015Non-Invasive Estimation of Cloud Applications Performance via Hypervisor's Operating Systems CountersROSSI, FABIO D.; OLIVEIRA, ISRAEL C. DE; Cesar Augusto Fonticielha De Rose; Rodrigo Neves Calheiros; Buyya, Rajkumar
2014Evaluating the Trade-off between DVFS Energy-savings and Virtual Networks PerformanceROSSI, FABIO D.; Marcelo da Silva Conterato; Tiago Ferreto; Cesar Augusto Fonticielha De Rose
2015A Performance Isolation Analysis of Disk-Intensive workloads on Container- Based CloudsXAVIER, MIGUEL GOMES; OLIVEIRA, ISRAEL C. DE; ROSSI, FABIO D.; PASSOS, ROBSON D. DOS; MATTEUSSI, KASSIANO J.; Cesar Augusto Fonticielha De Rose
2012Performance Evaluation of Virtualization Technologies for Databases in HPC EnvironmentsLANGE, TIMOTEO ALBERTO PETERS; CEMIM, PAOLO; ROSSI, FABIO DINIZ; XAVIER, MIGUEL GOMES; BELLE, RAFAEL LORENZO; Ferreto, Tiago Coelho; Cesar Augusto Fonticielha De Rose
2011Virtual Machine Networking for Distributed Systems EmulationMauro Storch; Rodrigo Neves Calheiros; Cesar Augusto Fonticielha De Rose
2016Performance-aware server consolidation with adjustable interference levelsJERSAK, LUIS CARLOS; Tiago Coelho Ferreto
2016Time provisioning evaluation of KVM, Docker and Unikernels in a Cloud PlatformBruno Gomes Xavier; Tiago Coelho Ferreto; JERSAK, LUIS CARLOS
2010Balanceamento de recursos em ambientes virtualizadosLeandro T. Costa; Filipe D. Teixeira; Elder M. Rodrigues; Avelino Francisco Zorzo
2008Uso de Modelos Preditivos e SLAs para Reconfiguração de Ambientes VirtualizadosElder M. Rodrigues; Ana T. Winck; Avelino Francisco Zorzo; Fabio Rossi; Duncan Dubugras Ruiz