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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Leveraging Deep Visual Features for Content-based Movie Recommender SystemsRalph Rassweiler; Jônatas Wehrmann; Rodrigo Coelho Barros
2016PASCAL: An EDA for Parameterless Shape-Independent ClusteringHenry Emanuel Leal Cagnini; Rodrigo Coelho Barros
2017Hierarchical Multi-Label Classification with Chained Neural NetworksJônatas Wehrmann; Rodrigo Coelho Barros; Silvia Nunes das Dôres; Ricardo Cerri
2015A Portable OpenCL-based Approach for SVMs in GPUHenry Emanuel Leal Cagnini; Ana Trindade Winck; Rodrigo Coelho Barros
2016Medoid-based Data Clustering with Estimation of Distribution AlgorithmsHenry Emanuel Leal Cagnini; Rodrigo Coelho Barros; Christian Vahl Quevedo; Márcio Porto Basgalupp
2016Movie Genre Classification with Convolutional Neural NetworksGabriel da Silva Simões; Jônatas Wehrmann; Rodrigo Coelho Barros; Duncan Dubugras Alcoba Ruiz
2017Hybrid Activity and Plan Recognition for Video StreamsRoger L. Granada; Ramon Fraga Pereira; Juarez Monteiro; Duncan Dubugras Alcoba Ruiz; Rodrigo Coelho Barros; Felipe Rech Meneguzzi
2016A Meta-Learning Framework for Algorithm Recommendation in Software Fault Predictionsilvia Cristina Nunes das Dores; Luciano Alves; Duncan Dubugras Alcoba Ruiz; Rodrigo Coelho Barros
2019Classification of Contractual Conflicts via Learning of Semantic RepresentationsJoão Paulo Aires; Roger Leitzke Granada; Juarez Monteiro; Rodrigo Coelho Barros; Felipe Rech Meneguzzi
2018Hierarchical Multi-Label Classification NetworksJônatas Wehrmann; Ricardo Cerri; Rodrigo Coelho Barros