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Tipo: article
Título: PUCRS Magazine, No.1, Annual issue in English / 2014
Editora: Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul. Assessoria de Comunicação Social
Data de Publicação: 2014
Número: 1
Resumo: * COVER STORY: PUCRS opens the Institute of Petroleum and Natural Resources - A partnership with Petrobras * TECHNOLOGY: Where fiction comes alive: Researchers design and build a bionic hand and a piano-playing robot * SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The future has arrived - The recently created Multidisciplinary Center for Nanoscience and Micro-Nanotechnology * EXCELLENCE IN GRADUATE STUDIES: PUCRS is among the five best private universities in the Country * INNOVATION IN THE CLASSROOM: Professors received acknowledgment from Apple * LATIN AMERICA HAS ITS FIRST TRANSGENIC GOAT: Created by Quatro G, a company from Tecnopuc * THE CULTURE OF SMILING: Philosopher Pascal Bruckner talks about the discourse of happiness * PUCRS WILL HAVE AN AEROMOVEL LINE: The vehicle will go from the Event Hall to the Sports Center * TWICE THE TEACHER: Students have just returned from a double-degree program, which took place at the University of Coimbra * WITH THE READERS: Towards the future - Universities and knowledge society, by Joaquim Clotet * RESEARCH: How do we make decisions? - Neurophilosophy Group investigates behavior in our daily activities and the social networks * RESEARCH: Nature as a dimension of the sacred - Religious practices get closer to ecological issues and vice versa * SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Investments in nanoscience - Central Laboratory for Microscopy and Microanalysis has new high-resolution microscopes * TEACHING: To learn English and Portuguese - Learning Objects motivate students * LIVE THIS WORLD: Between Brazil and Germany - Joint programs with the University of Osnabrück encourage faculty and student exchange * CULTURE: Football glossary in three languages - Content available in an app * OPINION: The practice of planning and identifying excellence - Mágda Rodrigues da Cunha, Vice President for Academic Affairs * RADAR (short articles)
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