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Fecha de PublicaciónTítuloAutor(s)
2018Perceptions on Diversity in Brazilian Agile Software Development Teams: A SurveyKarina Kohl; Rafael Prikladnicki
2016Preventing Incomplete/Hidden Requirements: Reflections on Survey Data from Austria and BrazilMarcos Kalinowski; Felderer, Michael; CONTE, TAYANA, etc.
2012Propinquity in Global Software Engineering: Examining Perceived Distance in Globally Distributed Project TeamsRafael Prikladnicki
2015Reporting Empirical Evidence in Distributed Software Development: An Extended TaxonomyAntonio Techio; Sabrina Marczak; Rafael Prikladnicki
2011Researching into Follow-the-Sun Software Development: Challenges and OpportunitiesJosiane Kroll; Estevão Ricardo Hess; Jorge Luis Nicolas Audy, etc.
2015Software engineering research in Brazil from the perspective of young researchers: a panorama of the last decadeDIAS-NETO, ARILO C.; Rafael Prikladnicki; BARROS, MÁRCIO DE O., etc.
2018Startup Software Development Education: A Systematic Mapping StudyCHANIN, RAFAEL MATONE; Afonso Sales; POMPERMAIER, LEANDRO BENTO, etc.
2012Strategic Alignment between Academy and Industry: A Virtuous Cycle to Promote Innovation in TechnologyGleison Santos; Ana Regina Rocha; CONTE, TAYANA, etc.
2016Task Allocation for Crowdsourcing using AI PlanningLeticia Machado; Erran Carmel; Rafael Prikladnicki, etc.
2014The Emerging Brazilian I.T. Industry and its Time-Zone Proximity AdvantageRafael Prikladnicki; Erran Carmel
2013The evolution of agile software development in BrazilClaudia Melo; Viviane Santos; Eduardo Katayama, etc.
2017The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: An Onboard Journey in Software Crowdsourcing Competitive ModelLeticia Machado; Alexandre Zanatta; MARCZACK, SABRINA, etc.
2014The Interplay Among Trust, Risk, and Reliance in Global Systems Engineering TeamsSabrina Marczak; Ban Al-Ani; David Redmiles, etc.
2015What do we know about high performance teams in software engineering? Results from a systematic literature reviewAlessandra Costa Smolenaars Dutra; César França; Rafael Prikladnicki