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Data de publicaçãoTítuloAutor(es)
20158th International Workshop on Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering (CHASE 2015)Andrew Begel; Rafael Prikladnicki; Yvonne Dittrich, et al
2011An evidence-based model of distributed software development project management: results from a systematic mapping studyFabio Q. B. da Silva; Rafael Prikladnicki; César França, et al
2014An Initial Framework for Researching Follow-the-Sun SoftwareJosiane Kroll; Bernardo Jose Da Silva Estacio; Jorge Luis Nicolas Audy, et al
2014An Initial Framework for Researching Follow-the-Sun Software DevelopmentJosiane Kroll; Bernardo José da Silva Estácio; Jorge Luis Nicolas Audy, et al
2013An Ontology for Task Allocation to Teams in Distributed Software DevelopmentAnna Beatriz Marques; José Reginaldo Carvalho; Rosiane Rodrigues, et al
2016Breaking Collaboration Barriers through Communication Practices in Software CrowdsourcingLeticia Machado; Josiane Kroll; Sabrina Marczak, et al
2016Challenges and Lessons Learned on Preparing Graduate Students for GSE Work: Brazilians? Perceptions on a Multi-Site Course ExperienceJosiane Kroll; Sabrina Marczak; Rafael Prikladnicki, et al
2011Collaboration Models in Distributed Software Development: A Systematic ReviewRodrigo Rocha; Catarina Costa; Cleyton Rodrigues, et al
2018Diversity in Software EngineeringAlvaro Menezes; Rafael Prikladnicki
2015Evaluating Collaborative Practices in 
 Acquiring Programming Skills: Findings of a Controlled ExperimentBernardo Estácio; Roberto Oliveira; Sabrina dos Santos Marczak, et al
2015Evaluating Collaborative Programmig Practices in Acquiring Programming Skills: Findings of a Controlled ExperimentBernardo José da Silva Estácio; Roberto Oliveira; Sabrina Marczak, et al
2015Evaluating the Use of Pair Programming and Coding Dojo in the Teaching of Mockup Development: An Empirical StudyBernardo José da Silva Estácio; Natasha Valentim; Luis Rivero, et al
2018Exploration of Technical Debt in Start-upsEriks Klotins; Michael Unterkalmsteiner; Panagiota Chatzipetrou, et al
2011Follow-The-Sun Methodology in a Stochastic Modeling PerspectiveRicardo M. Czekster; Paulo Fernandes; Rafael Prikladnicki, et al
2011From Software Engineering Research to Brazilian Software Quality ImprovementMarcos Kalinowski; Gleison Santos; Rafael Prikladnicki, et al
2016Global Software Engineering: Evolution and TrendsChristof Ebert; KUHRMANN, MARCO; Rafael Prikladnicki
2017High Impact Drivers in Innovation Ecosystems: The Case of Tecnopuc-FBK Joint LabEduardo Giugliani; Sandro Battisti; Rafael Prikladnicki, et al
2015On the Agile Transformation in a Large-Complex Globally Distributed Company: Why Boarding this Journey, Steps Taken, and Main Foreseen ConcernsGreice Roman; Sabrina dos Santos Marczak; Alessandra Dutra, et al
2016On the randori training dynamicsESTÁCIO, BERNARDO; Franz Zieris; Lutz Prechelt, et al
2018Perceptions on Diversity in Brazilian Agile Software Development Teams: A SurveyKarina Kohl; Rafael Prikladnicki