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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A Character-based Convolutional Neural Network for Language-Agnostic Twitter Sentiment AnalysisJônatas Wehrmann; Willian Becker; Henry Emanuel Leal Cagnini, et al
2018A Multi-Task Neural Network for Multilingual Sentiment Classification and Language Detection on TwitterJônatas Wehrmann; Willian Becker; Rodrigo Coelho Barros
2017An Efficient Deep Neural Architecture for Multilingual Sentiment Analysis in TwitterWillian Becker; Jônatas Wehrmann; Henry Emanuel Leal Cagnini, et al
2018Bidirectional Retrieval Made SimpleJônatas Wehrmann; Rodrigo Coelho Barros
2017Convolutions through Time for Multi-Label Movie Genre ClassificationJônatas Wehrmann; Rodrigo Coelho Barros
2016(Deep) Learning from FramesJônatas Wehrmann; Rodrigo Coelho Barros; Gabriel da Silva Simões, et al
2018Fast Self-Attentive Multimodal RetrievalJônatas Wehrmann; Maurício Armani Lopes; Martin Duarte Móre, et al
2017Hierarchical Multi-Label Classification with Chained Neural NetworksJônatas Wehrmann; Rodrigo Coelho Barros; Silvia Nunes das Dôres, et al
2017Leveraging Deep Visual Features for Content-based Movie Recommender SystemsRalph Rassweiler; Jônatas Wehrmann; Rodrigo Coelho Barros
2016Movie Genre Classification with Convolutional Neural NetworksGabriel da Silva Simões; Jônatas Wehrmann; Rodrigo Coelho Barros, et al
2018Seamless Nudity Censorship: an Image-to-Image Translation Approach based on Adversarial LearningMartin Duarte Móre; Douglas Matos de Souza; Jônatas Wehrmann, et al
2018Self-Attention for Synopsis-based Multi-Label Movie Genre ClassificationJônatas Wehrmann; Maurício Armani Lopes; Rodrigo Coelho Barros