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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Evaluation of the status of conservation of the Cabot?s Tern (Thalasseus acuflavidus) in BrazilMárcio Amorim Efe; Sandro Luis Bonatto
2013Geological and climatic changes in quaternary shaped the evolutionary history of Calibrachoa heterophylla, an endemic South-Atlantic species of petuniaMÄDER, GERALDO; FREGONEZI, JÉFERSON N; LORENZ-LEMKE, ALINE P, et al
2013Development of Microsatellites for <i>Verbenoxylum reitzii</i> (Verbenaceae), a Tree Endemic to the Brazilian Atlantic ForestTHODE, VERÔNICA A.; BACKES, ALICE; Geraldo Mader, et al
2013A Bayesian Approach to Genome/Linguistic Relationships in Native South AmericansAMORIM, CARLOS EDUARDO GUERRA; Bisso-Machado, Rafael; Ramallo, Virginia, et al
2012Phylogeny, biogeography and divergence times in Passiflora (Passifloraceae)Muschner, Valéria C.; ZAMBERLAN, PRISCILLA M.; Sandro Luis Bonatto, et al
2012An Alternative Model for the Early Peopling of Southern South America Revealed by Analyses of Three Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroupsde Saint Pierre, Michelle; Bravi, Claudio M.; Motti, Josefina M. B., et al
2012Isolation and Characterization of Microsatellite Markers for Passiflora contractaCazé, Ana Luíza R.; KRIEDT, RAQUEL A.; Beheregaray, Luciano B., et al
2011Does Variation in Genome Sizes Reflect Adaptive or Neutral Processes? New Clues from PassifloraYotoko, Karla S. C.; Dornelas, Marcelo C.; TOGNI, PAKISA D., et al
2018How strong was the bottleneck associated to the peopling of the Americas? New insights from multilocus sequence dataFAGUNDES, NELSON J.R.; TAGLIANI-RIBEIRO, ALICE; RUBICZ, ROHINA, et al
2018Effective population size and the genetic consequences of commercial whaling on the humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) from Southwestern Atlantic OceanCYPRIANO-SOUZA, ANA LÚCIA; DA SILVA, TIAGO FERRAZ; Engel, Márcia H., et al
2017Secondary structure of nrDNA Internal Transcribed Spacers as a useful tool in phylogenetic studiesGiovanna C Giudicelli; MÄDER, GERALDO; Gustavo Adolfo Silva-Arias, et al
2017Ancient female philopatry, asymmetric male gene flow, and synchronous population expansion support the influence of climatic oscillations on the evolution of South American sea lion (Otaria flavescens)OLIVEIRA, LARISSA ROSA DE; GEHARA, MARCELO C. M.; FRAGA, L?CIA D., et al
2017Effective population size of an offshore population of bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus, from the São Pedro and São Paulo Archipelago, BrazilOLIVEIRA, LARISSA R.; Ott, Paulo Henrique; MORENO, IGNACIO B., et al
2016High levels of genetic diversity and population structure in an endemic and rare species: Implications for conservationTURCHETTO, CAROLINE; SEGATTO, ANA LÚCIA A.; MÄDER, GERALDO, et al
2016Multiple introductions and gene flow in subtropical South American populations of the fireweed, Senecio madagascariensis(Asteraceae)MÄDER, GERALDO; CASTRO, LUANA; Sandro Luis Bonatto, et al
2015Novel Microsatellites for <i>Calibrachoa heterophylla</i> (Solanaceae) Endemic to the South Atlantic Coastal Plain of South AmericaSILVA-ARIAS, GUSTAVO ADOLFO; MÄDER, GERALDO; Sandro Luis Bonatto, et al
2015Genetic differentiation and hybrid identification using microsatellite markers in closely related wild speciesTURCHETTO, CAROLINE; SEGATTO, ANA LÚCIA A.; BEDUSCHI, JULIA, et al
2015Were sea level changes during the Pleistocene in the South Atlantic Coastal Plain a driver of speciation in Petunia (Solanaceae)?RAMOS-FREGONEZI, ALINE MC; FREGONEZI, JEFERSON N; CYBIS, GABRIELA B, et al
2012Fishes from the Las Piedras River, Madre de Dios basin, Peruvian AmazonTiago Pinto Carvalho; Julio Araujo Flores; Jessica Espino, et al
2012A new species of the Neoplecostomine catfish Pareiorhaphis (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) from the Coastal basins of Espírito Santo, Eastern BrazilEdson Henrique Lopes Pereira; Pablo Lehmann-Albornoz; Roberto Esser dos Reis
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2967