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Type: article
Title: Morphologic analysis of apical resorption on human teeth with periapical lesions
Author(s): Vier, Fabiana Vieira
Figueiredo, José Antônio Poli de
Lima, Antonio Adilson Soares de
Publisher: USP
Issue Date: 2000
Volume: 2
Issue: 3
Abstract: Objective: The aim of this study was to compare the presence and extension of cementum and dentin resorption in apexes containing different periapical pathosis. Material and method: 31 teeth were selected for the presence of a proliferative tissue compatible with a periapical pathology. Sections were conducted in periapical lesions which were then dyed by the HE. The periapical pathosis were classified in fibrous connective tissue, granuloma and cysts. The apical root surfaces were submitted to SEM analysis. The external root resorption was classified in an increasing level, according to presence and extension of the resorbed area. The Qui square test at a p<0,05 was used as estatistical analysis. Results: 29,04% of the cases resulted in fibrous connective tissue, which were used as negative controls for resorption. The remaining cases were, in 81,82 %, granulomas, while 18,18 % were cysts. It was a frequent finding the presence of resorption lacunae, with a honey comb aspect. In some specimens, the resorption was spread over the area adjacent to the apical foramen, while others showed lacunae of variable sizes, in specific sites. Some specimes showed no resorption at all. Conclusions: There was no statistically significant differences in resorption of granulomas and fibrous connective tissue, showing a similar frequence distribution. Cysts were statistically superior to the others in terms of presence and severity of resorptions. The abscessed granuloma was statistically superior to simple granuloma, considering presence and severity of resorption. There seems to be a correlation with abscess formation and the presence of periapical external resorption.
ISSN: 1516-4055
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