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Type: Article
Title: Subcortical band heterotopia (SBH) in males: clinical, imaging and genetic findings in comparison with females
Author(s): M D D Agostino
A Bernasconi
D as Soma
A Bastos
M V Rosa
André Luis Fernandes Palmini
Jaderson Costa DaCosta
I E Scheffer
S F Berkovic
R Guerrini
C Dravet
J Ono
G L Gigli
A Federico
F Booth
B Bernardi
L Volpi
C A Tassinari
M A Guggenheim
D H Dedbetter
J G Gleeson
I LopesCendes
D G Vossler
E Malaspina
E Franzoni
R J Sartori
M H Mitchell
S Mercho
François Dubeau
WB Dobyns
Eva Andermann
In: Brain (London)
Issue Date: 2002
Volume: 125
First page: 2507
Last page: 2522
Keywords: Subcortical band heterotopia (SBH)
ISSN: 0006-8950
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