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Type: article
Title: HsBP1 levels are elevated in breast tumor tissue and inversely related to tumor aggressiveness
Author(s): Souza, Ana Paula
Albuquerque, Caroline
Torronteguy, Carolina
Frasson, Antonio
Maito, Fabio LDM
Pereira, Luciana
Silva, Vinicius Duval
Zerves, Felipe
Raynes, Debora
Gerreiro, Vince
Bonorino, Cristina
Publisher: Springer
Issue Date: 2009
Volume: 14
First page: 301
Last page: 310
Keywords: HSPBP1
Abstract: HspBP1 is a co-chaperone that binds to and regulates the chaperone Hsp70 (Hsp70 is used to refer to HSPA1A and HSPA1B). Hsp70 is known to be elevated in breast tumor tissue, therefore the purpose of these studies was to quantify the expression of HspBP1 in primary breast tumors and in serum of these patients with a follow-up analysis after 6 to 7 years. Levels of HspBP1, Hsp70, and anti-HspBP1 antibodies in sera of breast cancer patients and healthy individuals were measured by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Expression of HspBP1 was quantified from biopsies of tumor and normal breast tissue by Western blot analysis. The data obtained were analyzed for association with tumor aggressiveness markers and with patient outcome. The levels of HspBP1 and Hsp70 were significantly higher in sera of patients compared to sera of healthy individuals. HspBP1 antibodies did not differ significantly between groups. HspBP1 levels were significantly higher in tumor (14.46 ng/μg protein, n=51) compared to normal adjacent tissue (3.17 ng/μg protein, n= 41, p<0.001). Expression of HspBP1 was significantly lower in patients with lymph node metastasis and positive for estrogen receptors. HspBP1 levels were also significantly lower in patients with a higher incidence of metastasis and death following a 6 to 7-year follow-up. The HspBP1/Hsp70 molar ratio was not associated with the prognostic markers analyzed. Our results indicate that low HspBP1 expression could be a candidate tumor aggressiveness marker.
DOI: 10.1007/s12192-008-0085-6
PMID: 18987994
ISSN: 1355-8145
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