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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A Dynamic TDMA-Based Sleep Scheduling to Minimize WSN Energy ConsumptionAdelcio Biazi; César Augusto Missio Marcon; Fauzi de Moraes Shubeita, et al
2011A Hardware-Based Approach for Fault Detection in RTOS-Based Embedded SystemsDhiego Silva; Kleber Hugo Stangherlin; Letícia Bolzani Poehls, et al
2018A Path Energy Control Technique for Energy Efficiency on Wireless Sensor NetworksFrancesco Tubiello; Letícia Bolzani Poehls; Thais Christina Webber Dos Santos, et al
2012A Transmission Power Self-Optimization Technique for Wireless Sensor NetworksFelipe Lavratti; Arthur Denicol Ceratti; Dárcio Pinto Prestes, et al
2015An early prediction methodology for aging sensor insertion to assure safe circuit operation due to NBTI agingGOMEZ, ANDRES; POEHLS, LETICIA; Fabian Luis Vargas, et al
2017Analysis of single-event upsets in a Microsemi ProAsic3E FPGAVILLA, PAULO R. C.; GOERL, ROGER C.; Fabian Luis Vargas, et al
2016Analyzing NBTI impact on SRAMs with resistive-open defectsMARTINS, M. TULIO; MEDEIROS, G.; COPETTI, T., et al
2016Analyzing the Impact of SEUs on SRAMs with Resistive-Bridge DefectsMEDEIROS, G. CARDOSO; POEHLS, L. BOLZANI; Fabian Luis Vargas
2016Experimental Setups for Single Event Effect StudiesMEDINA, NILBERTO H.; Vitor Ângelo Paulino de Aguiar; Nemitala Added, et al
2016Gate-level modelling of NBTI-induced delays under process variationsCOPETTI, THIAGO; MEDEIROS, GUILHERME; POEHLS, LETICIA BOLZANI, et al
2013Identifying NBTI-Critical Paths in Nanoscale LogicUBAR, RAIMUND; Fabian Luis Vargas; JENIHHIN, MAKSIM, et al
2016Ionizing Radiation Effects on a COTS Low-Cost RISC MicrocontrollerFelipe G. H. Leite; Roberto B. B. Santos; Nicolas E. Araújo, et al
2017Ionizing radiation effects on a COTS low-cost RISC microcontrollerLEITE, FELIPE G. H.; SANTOS, ROBERTO B. B.; MEDINA, NILBERTO H., et al
2015MESA: A formal approach to compute consensus in WSNsZACCHIGNA, FEDERICO G.; LUTENBERG, ARIEL; Fabian Luis Vargas
2013On Energy-Efficient Time Synchronization for Wireless Sensors under Large-Scale and Small-Scale Fading EffectsPablo Briff; LUTENBERG, ARIEL; REY VEGA, LEONARDO, et al
2013On the Trade-off between Power Consumption and Time Synchronization Quality for Moving Targets under Large-Scale Fading Effects in Wireless Sensor NetworksPablo Briff; Leonardo Rey Vega; Ariel Lutenberg, et al
2015On-chip Watchdog to monitor RTOS activity in MPSoC exposed to noisy environmentDE OLIVEIRA, CHRISTOFER; BOLZANI POEHLS, LETICIA; Fabian Luis Vargas
2012Power Optimization for Wireless Sensor NetworksAlex Pinto; Letícia Bolzani Poehls; Carlos Montez, et al
2013Reliability analysis of an on-chip watchdog for embedded systems exposed to radiation and EMIChristofer Oliveira; BENFICA, J.; BOLZANI POEHLS, L. M., et al
2015SPICE-Inspired Fast Gate-Level Computation of NBTI-induced Delays in Nanoscale LogicKOSTIN, SERGEI; RAIK, JAAN; UBAR, RAIMUND, et al