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2014Cotinine and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Levels in the Amniotic Fluid and Fetal Cord at Birth and in the Urine from Pregnant SmokersMACHADO, JULIA DE BARROS; José Miguel Chatkin; ZIMMER, ALINE RIGON, etc.
2019Does everyone who quit smoking gain weight? A real-world prospective cohort studyEdna Thais Jeremias; José Miguel Chatkin
2018Dual exposure to smoking and household air pollution is associated with an increased risk of severe asthma in adults in BrazilFERNANDES, ANDRÉIA GUEDES OLIVA; DE SOUZA-MACHADO, CAROLINA; PINHEIRO, GABRIELA PIMENTEL, etc.
2012Glutamate and Synaptic Plasticity Systems and Smoking Behavior: Results from a Genetic Association Studydos Santos, Vanessa Argondizo; José Miguel Chatkin; Bau, Claiton Henrique Dotto, etc.
2019Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia and Sociedade Brasileira de Pneumologia e Tisiologia: perspectives for the next four yearsBruno Guedes Baldi; José Miguel Chatkin
2013Prevenção da doença pneumocócica invasiva em adultosThomás Paiva Lima; Cynthia Rocha Dullius; Rogério Ugoski Casarin, etc.
2018Quantitative computed tomography phenotypes, spirometric parameters, and episodes of exacerbation in heavy smokers: An analysis from South AmericaBARROS, MARCELO CARDOSO; HOCHHEGGER, BRUNO; ALTMAYER, STEPHAN, etc.
2011Quantitative effects of tobacco smoking exposure on the maternal-fetal circulationMachado, Julia B; Filho, Plinio V M; Petersen, Guilherme O, etc.
2017Recommendations for the pharmacological treatment of COPD: questions and answersFERNANDES, FREDERICO LEON ARRABAL; CUKIER, ALBERTO; CAMELIER, AQUILES ASSUNÇÃO, etc.
2018Self-reported smoking status and urinary cotinine levels in patients with asthmaThomás Paiva Lima; Cynthia Rocha Dullius; Rogério Ugoski Casarin, etc.
2016The management of asthmatic smokersJosé Miguel Chatkin; DULLIUS, CYNTHIA ROCHA
2016The relationship between omega-3 and smoking habit: a cross-sectional studyNóris Scaglia; José Miguel Chatkin; CHAPMAN, KENNETH R., etc.
2018Theoretical pneumococcal vaccine coverage: analysis of serotypes isolated from inpatients at a tertiary care hospitalDULLIUS, CYNTHIA ROCHA; ZANI, LUCIANA; José Miguel Chatkin
2011Tratamento farmamcológico da DPOCANA MARIA BAPTISTA MENEZES; Silvia Elaine Cardoso Macedo; Ricardo Bica Noal, etc.