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Fecha de PublicaciónTítuloAutor(s)
2016A data extraction and debugging framework for large-scale MPSoCsMarcelo Ruaro; Henrique Chamorra; Felipe Rubin, etc.
2019A Framework for Heterogeneous Many-core SoCs GenerationMarcelo Ruaro; CAIMI, LUCIANO L.; Vinicius Fochi, etc.
2015A hierarchical LST-based task scheduler for NoC-based MPSoCs with slack-time monitoring supportMarcelo Ruaro; Guilherme Madalozzo; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2013Adaptive QoS techniques for NoC-based MPSoCsMarcelo Ruaro; CARARA, EVERTON A.; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2017Demystifying the cost of task migration in distributed memory many-core systemsMarcelo Ruaro; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2016DMNI: A Specialized Network Interface for NoCbased MPSoCsMarcelo Ruaro; Felipe Lazarotto; César Augusto Missio Marcon, etc.
2016Dynamic Real-Time Scheduler for Large-Scale MPSoCsMarcelo Ruaro; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2012Evaluation of Adaptive Management Techniques in NoC-Based MPSoCsFernando Gehm Moraes; Everton Alceu Carara; Marcelo Ruaro, etc.
2015Hierarchical energy monitoring for many-core systemsMARTINS, ANDRE L. M.; Marcelo Ruaro; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2017Runtime energy management under real-time constraints in MPSoCsMARTINS, ANDRE; Marcelo Ruaro; Anderson Camargo Santana, etc.
2014Runtime QoS Support for MPSoCMarcelo Ruaro; CARARA, EVERTON A.; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2017SDN-Based Circuit-Switching for Many-CoresMarcelo Ruaro; MEDINA, HENRIQUE MARTINS; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2018Software-Defined Networking Architecture for NoC-Based Many-CoresMarcelo Ruaro; Henrique Martins Medina; Alexandre de Morais Amory, etc.
2017System management recovery protocol for MPSoCsVinicius Fochi; CAIMI, LUCIANO L.; Marcelo Ruaro, etc.
2014Tool-set for NoC-based MPSoC debugging ? A protocol view perspectiveMarcelo Ruaro; CARARA, EVERTON A.; Fernando Gehm Moraes