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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A Distributed Online Multi-Agent Planning SystemRafael Cauê Cardoso; Rafael Heitor Bordini
2017A Knowledge Engineering Process for the Development of Argumentation Schemes for Risk Management in Software ProjectsDenise L. Siqueira; Lisandra M. Fontoura; Rafael Heitor Bordini, et al
2017A Modular Framework for Decentralised Multi-Agent Planning (Extended Abstract)Rafael Cauê Cardoso; Rafael Heitor Bordini
2012Agent and Multi-Agent Software Engineering: Modelling, Programming, and Verification - Extended Abstract for a Course at DALT Spring SchoolRafael Heitor Bordini
2018AgentSpeak(ER): An Extension of AgentSpeak(L) improving Encapsulation and Reasoning about Goals (Extended Abstract)Alessandro Ricci; Rafael Heitor Bordini; Rem Collier, et al
2016Allocating Social Goals Using the Contract Net Protocol in Online Multi-Agent PlanningRafael Cauê Cardoso; Rafael Heitor Bordini
2017An Algorithm for Allocating Structured Tasks in Multi-Robot ScenariosTulio L. Basegio; Rafael Heitor Bordini
2014Applying Ontologies and Agent Technologies to Generate Ambient Intelligence ApplicationsArtur Freitas; Daniela Schmidt; Alison R. Panisson, et al
2018Argumentation Schemes for Data Access ControlAlison R. Panisson; Asad Ali; Peter McBurney, et al
2018Argumentation-Based Reasoning in BDI Agents Using Toulmin's ModelVágner de Oliveira Gabriel; Diana F. Adamatti; Alison R. Panisson, et al
2016Argumentation-Based Reasoning Using Preferences over Sources of Information (Extended Abstract)Victor S. Melo; Alison R. Panisson; Rafael Heitor Bordini
2013Benchmarking Communication in Agent- and Actor-Based Languages (Extended Abstract)Rafael Cauê Cardoso; Jomi Fred Hübner; Rafael Heitor Bordini
2015Combining Offline Multi-Agent Planning with a Multi-Agent System Development FrameworkRafael Cauê Cardoso; Rafael Heitor Bordini
2016Knowledge Representation for Argumentation in Agent-Oriented Programming LanguagesAlison R. Panisson; Rafael Heitor Bordini
2018Lies, Bullshit, and Deception in Agent-Oriented Programming LanguagesAlison R. Panisson; Stefan Sarkadi; Peter McBurney, et al
2016Limitations and Divergences in Approaches for Agent-Oriented Modelling and ProgrammingArtur Freitas; Rafael Cauê Cardoso; Renata Vieira, et al
2016Metainformações como Critérios de Decisão entre Informações Conflitantes em Sistemas MultiagentesVictor S. Melo; Alison R. Panisson; Rafael Heitor Bordini
2016Multi-Level Semantics with Vertical Integrity ConstraintsAlison R. Panisson; Rafael Heitor Bordini; Antonio Carlos da Rocha Costa
2017Predicting Plan Failure by Monitoring Action Sequences and DurationGiovani Farias; Ramon Fraga Pereira; Lucas W. Hilgert, et al
2016SIMULATION ENVIRONMENT FOR POLYMERIC NANOPARTICLE: EXPERIMENT DATABASEAlexandre de Oliveira Zamberlan; Ana Júlia Figueiró Dalcin; Guilherme Chagas Kurtz, et al