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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Alveolar ridge preservation after dental extraction and before implant placement: a literature reviewMezzomo, Luis André; Rosemary Sadami Arai Shinkai; Mardas, Nikos, et al
2012Call for Action in Brazil: Dealing with Misconduct in Research and Scientific Publication [guest editorial]Rosemary Sadami Arai Shinkai
2012Implant-prosthodontic rehabilitation of cleft patients - A systematic reviewLuis André Mezzomo; Caroline Schereen Piffer; Marina Lobato Palmeiro, et al
2011Integridade na pesquisa e ética na publicação [Editorial convidado]Rosemary Sadami Arai Shinkai
2011O cenário atual dos periódicos brasileiros de odontologia [Editorial convidado]Rosemary Sadami Arai Shinkai
2014Originality and plagiarism: a question of authorship in the AcademyRosemary Sadami Arai Shinkai
2018Quality of life and mastication in denture wearers and cleft lip and palate adultsPALMEIRO, MARINA RECHDEN LOBATO; BRONSTRUP, MARIANA BAUER; DURHAM, JUSTIN, et al
2012Stresses in implant-supported overdentures with bone resorption: a 3-D finite element analysisMariano, Luiz Oscar Honorato; Evandro Afonso Sartori; Broilo, Josué Ricardo, et al
2017The effect of surface texture on the retention of single implant-supported crowns cemented on wide-platform abutmentsDRUMMOND, LUIS GUSTAVO RABELLO; SEGUNDO, REGENIO MAHFUZ HERBSTRIH; Hugo Mitsuo Silva Oshima, et al
2017Three-dimensional finite element analysis of mandibular overdentures with different implant positions and attachment typesBroilo, Josué Ricardo; Evandro Afonso Sartori; Mariano, Luiz Oscar Honorato, et al