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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018First record of the driftwood catfish Spinipterus acsi Akama & Ferraris, 2011 (Siluriformes, Auchenipteridae) for Brazil, Juruá River, Amazon basinCALEGARI, BÁRBARA B.; AKAMA, ALBERTO; Roberto Esser dos Reis
2014Formal Semantics of Speech Acts for Argumentative DialoguesAlison Roberto Panisson; Felipe Rech Meneguzzi; Fagundes, Moser Silva; Vieira, Renata; Bordini, Rafael H.
2013Predictive Indoor Navigation using Commercial Smart-phonesBalajee Kannan; Felipe Rech Meneguzzi; Mary Bernardine Dias; Katia Sycara; Chet Gnegy; Evan Glasgow; Piotr Yordanov
2013Hierarchical planning about goals and commitmentsPankaj Telang; Felipe Rech Meneguzzi; Munindar Singh
2012Querying Linked Ontological Data through Distributed SummarizationAchille Fokoue; Felipe Rech Meneguzzi; Murat Sensoy; Jeff Pan
2013A First-Order Formalization of Commitments and Goals for PlanningFelipe Rech Meneguzzi; Pankaj Telang; Munindar Singh
2015Towards Practical Argumentation in Multi-Agent SystemsAlison Roberto Panisson; Felipe Rech Meneguzzi; Renata Vieira; Bordini, Rafael H.
2015Interfacing BDI Agent Systems with Geometric Reasoning for Robotics and ManufacturingDE SILVA, LAVINDRA; Felipe Rech Meneguzzi; David Sanderson; Jack Chaplin; Otto Bakker; Nikolas Antzoulatos; Svetan Ratchev
2012Using Subjective Logic to Handle Uncertainty and ConflictsMurat Sensoy; PAN, JEFF Z.; Achille Fokoue; Mudhakar Srivatsa; Felipe Rech Meneguzzi
2012A cognitive architecture for emergency responseFelipe Rech Meneguzzi; Jean Oh; Nilanjan Chakraborty; Katia Sycara; Siddharth Mehrotra; James Tittle; Michael Lewis