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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017System management recovery protocol for MPSoCsVinicius Fochi; CAIMI, LUCIANO L.; Marcelo Ruaro; Eduardo Wachter; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2017Activation of Secure Zones in Many-Core Systems with Dynamic ReroutingLuciano Caimi; Vinicius Fochi; Eduardo Wachter; Daniel Munhoz; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2018Runtime creation of continuous secure zones in many-core systems for secure applicationsCAIMI, LUCIANO L.; Vinicius Fochi; Eduardo Wachter; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2017Secure admission and execution of applications in many-core systemsCAIMI, LUCIANO L.; Vinicius Fochi; Eduardo Wachter; Daniel Munhoz; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2014A framework for MPSoC generation and distributed applications evaluationGuilherme Castilhos; Eduardo Wachter; Guilherme Madalozzo; Augusto Erichsen; Thiago Mânica Monteiro; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2015A context saving fault tolerant approach for a shared memory many-core architectureEduardo Wachter; Nicolas Ventroux; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2012An Open-source Framework for Heterogeneous MPSoC GenerationEduardo Wachter; Carlo Lucas; Everton Alceu Carara; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2012MAZENOC: Novel Approach for Fault-Tolerant NoC RoutingEduardo Wachter; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2011Exploring Heterogeneous NoC-based MPSoCs: from FPGA to High-Level ModelingLuciano Ost; Gabriel Marchesan Almeida; Marcelo Mandelli; Eduardo Wachter; Sameer Varyani; Leandro Soares Indrusiak; Gilles Sassatelli; Michel Robert; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2011HeMPS-S: A Homogeneous NoC-Based MPSoCs Framework Prototyped in FPGAsEduardo Wachter; Adelcio Biazi; Fernando Gehm Moraes