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Fecha de PublicaciónTítuloAutor(s)
2012Evaluation of Adaptive Management Techniques in NoC-Based MPSoCsFernando Gehm Moraes; Everton Alceu Carara; Marcelo Ruaro, etc.
2011Exploiting Multicast Messages in Cache-Coherence Protocols for NoC-based MPSoCsTales Marchesan Chaves; Everton Alceu Carara; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2018Exploring Asynchronous End-to-End Communication Through a Synchronous NoCWEBER, IACANA I.; Fernando Gehm Moraes; DE OLIVEIRA, LEONARDO L., etc.
2011Exploring Dynamic Mapping Impact on NoC-based MPSoCs Performance Using a Model- based FrameworkLuciano Ost; Marcelo Mandelli; Gabriel Marchesan Almeida, etc.
2011Exploring Heterogeneous NoC-based MPSoCs: from FPGA to High-Level ModelingLuciano Ost; Gabriel Marchesan Almeida; Marcelo Mandelli, etc.
2018Exploring RSA Performance up to 4096-bit for Fast Security Processing on a Flexible Instruction Set Architecture ProcessorMARCHESAN, GREGORY C.; WEIRICH, NELSON R.; CULAU, EDUARDO C., etc.
2018Exploring the Impact of Soft Errors on NoC-based Multiprocessor SystemsBORTOLON, FELIPE T.; Geancarlo Abich; BAMPI, SERGIO, etc.
2016Extending FreeRTOS to support dynamic and distributed mapping in multiprocessor systemsABICH, G.; MANDELLI, M. G.; ROSA, F. R., etc.
2014Fast energy evaluation of embedded applications for many-core systemsFelipe Rosa; Luciano Ost; RAUPP, THIAGO, etc.
2018Fault-Tolerance at the Management Level in Many-Core SystemsVinicius Fochi; CAIMI, LUCIANO L.; DA SILVA, MARCELO H., etc.
2012HardNoC: A Platform to Validate Networks on Chip through FPGA PrototypingGuilherme Heck; Ricardo Guazzelli; Fernando Gehm Moraes, etc.
2017Hardware and software infrastructure to implement many-core systems in modern FPGAsBORTOLON, FELIPE T.; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2011HeMPS-S: A Homogeneous NoC-Based MPSoCs Framework Prototyped in FPGAsEduardo Wachter; Adelcio Biazi; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2015Hierarchical energy monitoring for many-core systemsMARTINS, ANDRE L. M.; Marcelo Ruaro; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2012Impact of C-Elements in Asynchronous CircuitsMatheus Moreira; Bruno Oliveira; Fernando Gehm Moraes, etc.
2016Mapping of real-time applications on a packet switching NoC-based MPSoCGuilherme Madalozzo; INDRUSIAK, LEANDRO S.; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2012MAZENOC: Novel Approach for Fault-Tolerant NoC RoutingEduardo Wachter; Fernando Gehm Moraes
2013Multi-level MPSoC modeling for reducing software development cycleMANDELLI, MARCELO G.; DA ROSA, FELIPE R.; Luciano Ost, etc.
2011Multi-Task Dynamic Mapping onto NoC-based MPSoCsMarcelo Mandelli; Luciano Ost; Alexandre de Morais Amory, etc.
2012Power Consumption Reduction in MPSoCs through DFSThiago Raupp da Rosa; Vivian Larréa; Ney Laert Vilar Calazans, etc.