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Type: article
Title: Accuracy of linear measurements before and after digitizing periapical and panoramic radiography images
Author(s): Langlois, Caroline de Oliveira
Sampaio, Maria Carméli Correia
Silva, Alexandre Emidio Ribeiro
Costa, Nilza Pereira da
Rockenbach, Maria Ivete Bolzan
Publisher: Fundação Odontológica de Ribeirão Preto
Issue Date: 2011
Volume: 22
Issue: 5
First page: 404
Last page: 409
Abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of linear measurements made on conventional and digitized periapical and panoramic radiographic images of dry human hemi-mandibles. Images from the posterior region of 22 dry human hemi-mandibles were obtained by conventional panoramic and periapical radiography technique. Using a digital caliper, 3 vertical measurements were marked directly on the dry hemi-mandibles (reference measurements) as well as on the tracing from the conventional radiographic images of the specimens made onto acetate paper sheet: Distance 1: between the upper limit of the alveolar ridge and the lower limit at the mandible base; Distance 2: between the upper limit of the alveolar ridge and the upper limit of the mandibular canal; Distance 3: between the lower limit of the mandibular canal and the lower limit of the mandible base. Next, the radiographs were digitized and the three measurements were made on the digital images using UTHSCSA Image Tool software. Data were analyzed statistically by one-way ANOVA (α=0.05). There was no statistically significant differences (p>0.05) between periapical and panoramic radiographs or between the measurements recorded using the digital caliper and UTHSCSA software compared with dry mandible specimens for Distances 1 (p=0.783), 2 (p=0.986) and 3 (p=0.129). In conclusion, the radiographic techniques evaluated in this study are reliable for vertical bone measurements on selected areas and the UTHSCA Image Tool software is an appropriate measurement method.
PMID: 22011897
ISSN: 0103-6440
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